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Jamie Truman Publishes an Important Book About Fatherlessness

There is little doubt about the negative impact on children growing up without a father in the home. But where there are challenges, there can also be resilience and triumph. Philanthropist, podcast host, and Truman Charities co-founder Jamie Truman can now add “author” to her list of accomplishments. On March 1. 2024, Truman Charities celebrates the launch of her book Vanishing Fathers: The Ripple Effect on Tomorrow’s Generation. This in-depth look at a nationwide crisis discusses the impact and trauma on children who don’t have a father who plays a meaningful part in their upbringing.

The adverse outcomes of children raised without a father have been well established, and Vanishing Fathers makes the issue come alive with a dramatic recounting of the stories of individuals who overcame this trauma to go on to live meaningful lives, as well as become outspoken advocates for other children in similar circumstances. Jamie highlights people's experiences like rock star Art Alexakis of the band Everclear, renowned NFL player Justin Pugh, celebrity chef Ashish Alfred, and international humanitarian Victor Marx.

Jamie makes the case that the guiding hand of a good father can be a critical intervening factor in preventing severe crises, including poverty, academic failure, homelessness, addiction, incarceration, and even suicide. Regardless of the reason or timing of the abandonment, the absence of a father leads to trauma and dire outcomes for children. She encourages men to step up to their responsibilities as fathers, offering a loving home to give kids a secure environment in which to grow and thrive with support and guidance from both parents.

Truman Charities has a founding principle that 100% of the money it raises goes to charity, and Vanishing Fathers is no different. All of the proceeds from this book will go to organizations dedicated to helping at-risk youth, such as So What Else? In Montgomery County, MD. Purchase your copy of Vanishing Fathers on Amazon and other sites.


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