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Strongest Hearts has a tagline – Many Hearts, One Mission – and Truman Charities is bringing its unique brand of charitable events to that mission. Children and families affected by muscular dystrophy face the daunting reality that there currently is no cure, and treatments are of limited effect for this terrible condition. Strongest Hearts is raising money to fund research into gene therapies that may be a major advancement. Truman Charities and Strongest Hearts have partnered in a Jeans for Genes fundraiser being held on

Saturday, May 13, 2023 from 6:00-9:30 PM at Bethesda’s own Tommy Joe’s, 7940 Norfolk Avenue.

Jeans for Genes has a simple premise – throw on your favorite denim and come out for a fantastic night in downtown Bethesda. The raffle will include a variety of items, including a week-long stay at a Delaware beach house, classes at Pure Barre, and a Kate Spade bag. As a ticket holder or a sponsor, participants can join in the fun, meet other people who care about making a difference in the world, and help to raise money for an exciting program in the works at Strongest Hearts. This is a great event to sponsor if you are an individual, but also if you own a business since you can bring your team out for the fun as well.

100% Charitable, 100% Fun

Truman Charities was founded on the principle that people want to know that their donation is going straight to the cause, and not a party planner or administrator. We host events throughout the year to raise funds for worthy charities, and we pay the cost of the food and entertainment so that all donations go to the featured charity. Our successful model has raised millions of dollars for good works, and we have earned a reputation for throwing fantastic parties as well. We work with local businesses and other generous donors to arrange for exciting raffle items and other ways to maximize the fundraising at our events, and we plan to keep up the good work.

The Truman Charities fundraising events have a reputation for fun and great networking. We would love to see you at this upcoming and future events. To learn more about our mission and our work, sign up for our newsletter.

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Kids In Need Distributors (KIND) is a Montgomery County-based charity that provides critical food supplies to children through local schools. Truman Charities is so excited to partner with KIND to raise funds for this important cause. On February 25, 2023, Tommy Joe’s in Bethesda, Maryland will host one of Truman Charities’ signature gatherings from 6-9:30. The event will feature a raffle and a live auction as well as food and open bar. Tickets can be purchased here.

Putting Food on the Table for Hungry Children

KIND was founded by Jeremy Lichtenstein, a local as well as one of the nation’s top real estate agents. He began on his own, buying groceries to drop off at an elementary school. Ten years later, KIND serves 27 schools, providing much-needed, non-perishable food to over 3,000 students through the help of over 150 volunteers and a fleet of 50 vehicles. KIND delivers the food to the schools where teachers provide students with essential food for the coming weekend.

Jeremy is truly excited to be partnering with Truman Charities for this event. “We have been able to reach so many children suffering from food insecurity, but we can do more. I’m looking forward to meeting with people who want to help and spreading the word about our work.” Check out the latest podcast episode to learn more.

Fun and Philanthropy in a Winning Combination

Truman Charities operates on the principle that people who want to be generous deserve a good time. This all-volunteer organization sponsors fund-raising events throughout the year, highlighting charities and giving them a much-needed infusion of donations. The organization pays for the entertainment, so 100% of the proceeds go directly to the featured charity. With events in local homes and venues, Truman Charities gives people a chance to get together for a good cause, secure in the knowledge that their contribution is going straight to the need.

A Legacy of Giving and Awareness

In addition to raising funds for organizations, Truman Charities makes a point to help people to learn more about the many ways that they can help in the community. In a recent video, we shared some of our successes as well as our approach. The signature events are only one piece of the puzzle since Truman Charities also has a podcast that invites charities to showcase their good work. With multiple shows a month, the podcast features charities as well as other information about philanthropy and community service of interest to their wide network of generous donors and volunteers.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting KIND at the upcoming event. If you want to get involved with Truman Charities or learn more about how to donate to one of our featured charities, sign up for our e-newsletter.

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New leadership on the Board Since its inception, Truman Charities has emphasized the importance of the community of donors who come together to celebrate and spread joy. Our organization’s founders began with a simple house party, and this grew into a mission to hold multiple events per year with hundreds of guests and 100% of their charitable donations going to the target cause. As of December 2022, Truman Charities raised $106,000 for the year and has grossed over $1,506,000 to support others. Growth can bring exciting change, and we have been so happy to welcome a longtime participant and donor, Cynthia Hall, as the new Chair of the Board of Truman Charities.

Cindy is the President and Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors of Z FEDERAL bringing over three decades of experience in government contracting to her leadership role. She is an expert in working with small and disadvantaged businesses and in human resources. Cindy is passionate about service, as well as working in communities to directly impact and improve the lives of children. This is not her first non-profit board experience, and we are so excited for her leadership and knowledge to carry Truman Charities forward.

Cindy shares with us that "For many years, I have donated and attended Truman Charities events, where I saw the tremendous acts of giving from the community. Today, I am honored to join Truman Charities as a Board member, where I have had the opportunity to not just see but feel the generosity of what this Charity embodies."

Podcast Reaches 60+

Truman Charities Co-Founder, Jamie Truman, hosts a wonderful resource for the giving community. Her podcast, A Philanthropist’s Guide to Charitable Organizations, invites guests to engage in important, informative conversations with Jamie about their organization, providing the kind of information and inspiration that donors want to have before making the decision about where to allocate their charitable dollars. While the podcast frequently features charitable organizations in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, many guests have a nationwide reach in their efforts to bring about positive change where they see a need.

This Fall, Jamie published Episode 60 on October 25, about an organization’s quest to fund a cure for a rare form of pediatric cancer. Since then, she has invited other guests and dealt with veterans, adopted children, and animal rescue. For Jamie, there are so many worthy causes that reach the hearts of donors, that she finds the podcast an incredible platform to give light and information about these opportunities to do good.

Learn more about upcoming events at Truman Charities, or contact us at to learn how you can get involved with the organization.

Happy Holidays!

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