Working together, the leadership for Truman Charities,  will organize events, partner with local and national organizations, raise funds to further causes and positively impact lives.

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Jerry Truman is a Senior Vice President - Financial Advisor for Truman Wealth Management Group at RBC.  He has been a financial advisor for over twenty years.  Jamie Truman runs Truman Fitness while staying at home with their two year old son.  Jerry began Truman Charities by throwing a simple party with friends, family and a bucket for donations.  Now almost nine years later it has become an organization that has almost raised one million dollars for various different charities. Jerry and Jamie have two sons Zack and Dominic Truman.  

Co-Founders |  Truman Charities

Jerry Truman                              

Truman Wealth Management Group      




Jon Depersig is the Vice President of D. Stefano Building. Wendy Caputo is the President/Owner of Casleigh Consulting and leads a highly successful small, minority/woman-owned consulting business. Between Wendy’s keen sense of party planning and Jon’s excellent skills in the kitchen they have helped Truman Charities almost raise one million dollars for various different charities.  Between the two of them they have three girls, Sydney, Kayla, Maita and one boy Isaac.

Co-Founders |  Truman Charities

Wendy Caputo                              

Casleigh Consulting



Jon Depersig                             

D. Stefano Building



Ana Morales is the Vice President at United Bank.  Ana came on board a few years ago to help organize our events and make sure everything runs smoothly.  She is instrumental in the success of our events.  Ana has one daughter Natalie.

Event Coordinator |  Truman Charities

Ana Morales​

United Bank    



Laura Ting is the Operation Support at Casleigh Consulting. Brandon Ting works as a Project Manager at Kontrabrands.  Brandon and Laura help Truman Charities events run smoothly by getting all our auction items in order beforehand and doing a million different tasks during our event.  We also cannot forget Brandon’s skills as a photographer; he helps capture all the special moments throughout our events.  Brandon and Laura got married a couple years ago and are enjoying being newlyweds.

Event Management |  Truman Charities


Brandon Ting

Laura Ting



Zack Truman is Jerry Truman’s son.  Zack has been apart of Truman Charities since he was only six years old.  He began helping run the events and even helping with speeches at only five years old.  Now he helps with various different tasks throughout the events.  Zack is a freshman at Walt Whitman high school and loves playing soccer.

Youth Brand Ambassador |  Truman Charities

Zack Truman



Sydney Pizza is Wendy Caputo’s daughter.  Sydney just like Zack started helping with Truman Charities when she was only six years old. Sydney has always been helping out in any way she can during all our events.  Sydney is a sophomore at Walter Johnson high school. When not helping out with Truman Charities or doing school work Sydney is traveling all the US competing in skim competitions.

Youth Brand Ambassador |  Truman Charities

Sydney Pizza

Lets reach our goals

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