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Truman Charities mission is to bring the community together through philanthropic individuals and organizations to help grassroots and national charities 

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Upcoming Event

Feed The Fridge Halloween Party 

Date: 10/29

Location: Tommy Joes in Bethesda


Truman Charities was founded eleven years ago.  Our first event was nothing more than a modest party at co-founders Jerry Truman's house to help raise money for LLS.  Eleven years later we have grown from a modest house party to events with hundreds of people; raising over 1 million dollars for different organizations.  We feel very blessed to be able to help so many amazing local and national charities.

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Truman Charities is comprised of a team with one goal in common, working together to make the lives of others better.  Jerry Truman, Senior Vice President - Financial Advisor for Truman Wealth Management Group at RBC Wealth Management had a vision and mission...

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A Philanthropists Guide To Charitable Organizations

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Lets reach our goals

$ 1,600,000

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